Artificial Hair Implants Are Proven Unsafe

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A new type of hair implants in dubai  was introduced in the 1980's. This one was cheaper than the traditional method. The accepted and approved method for hair implanting included the removal of a strip of the scalp from the area that had good growth of hair.  Then, the hair follicles were removed one by one from the strip of scalp and these were implanted into the bald area. This required a lot of time and money to be completed. The new method introduced in the 80's was about grafting or implanting artificial hair implants into the scalp where there was a loss of hair.

The procedure was only performed in the US for a short period of time before it was outlawed. The banning was because of the high number of reported cases of infection caused by the man-made fibers that where implanted into the scalp. A normal body part graft connects into the skin because of scarring that seals the boundary such that germs and bacteria can not enter. Because the artificial hair is not really human and living tissues, it cannot connect to the skin during scarring so the opening is always exposed for pathogens that want to enter into the body.

A lot of these procedures were tried by women because, generally, they don't have an available area to harvest hair follicles due to the process of how they lose hair. A woman usually loses hair over the entire scalp area instead of the common bald spots that men experience. It was believed that artificial implants would be great as hair implants for women but that was proven wrong.

The procedure is still done in some European countries and it is well-accepted in India where baldness is somewhat a shameful condition that should be tackled. The same problems are reported in these countries. Hopefully, this will be in these places also.

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